Make your web pages come alive with LinkZu

Welcome to LinkZu

The words on your web page are what your visitors care about. Make those words come alive with LinkZu.

Anyone who designs, manages or owns a website can use LinkZu to provide an enhanced experience to their visitors.

With LinkZu your pages are alive. Just highlight and click to make LinkZu grow. When you have a page alive with LinkZu any text on the page can become a link by simply highlighting the text. Want to see out more? View the LinkZu demo.

Get LinkZu Now

Download Main File

GPL Lincense File

Main LinkZu script that contains the functionality.

Customize and Download
Link File

The link file allows you to define the links that visitors of your webpage see when they use LinkZu.

Customize and Download
Style File

The style file allows you to customize the look of LinkZu to match your website or your own personal style.

LinkZu is Free Software!

LinkZu is free software available under the GPL. You can freely modify and distribute LinkZu as much as you want and we encourage you to do so. also provides a set of free web-based tools to help you customize LinkZu. Since LinkZu is in javascript, the full source code is veiwable in the downloaded file.

If you really like this software why not make a small donation!

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