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Alive with LinkZu

Highlight any word on this webpage to see LinkZu in action. When you have a LinkZu enabled page it gives visitors to the site the ability to higlight text on the page and use that text to create a hyperlink that takes that text and searchs for information about it. Your visitors can search the text in search engines, video game sites, shopping sites, etc... if there is a website out there with valuable searchable information then LinkZu can help your users get to it fast, without have to take extra time to type the text into a box. Best of all, it does not require software to be installed by your visitors. Adding LinkZu to your site will instantly give your visitors LinkZu's enahanced user experience.

More importantly, is that you the website owner, can define the sites that your visitors see when they use LinkZu. You can use your own affiliate links and watch your per-click revenue skyrocket. You can also put links to specialized sites or your own internal data sources to enhance the experience of your visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Demo Version

Follow the instructions below and add the code to your webpage to get started using this basic demo version of LinkZu. The demo version only has three links. To enhance the LinkZu experience you have the ability to customize with your own links and styling.

This demo version is hosted from the website. There are no guarantees to the availability of the demo version. To ensure LinkZu availability on your site you should download the files from the Download & Tools section and upload them to your own website.

Installation instructions for demo version

Copy and paste the following code into the head section of your website

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css">
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Replace the opening <body> tag of your webpage with the following

<body onmouseup="linkzushow(event);" onclick="linkzuhide(event);" onload="initlinkzu();">

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